Agriculture has been the major source of livelihood in India since beginning. Our agricultural growth determines the real progress and Indian farmers are the destiny makers of nation.

Therefore to contribute in agricultural growth of the country. ‘Innovative Agro’ has been founded its vision is to lead the way in improving the productivity of farmland and the nutritional value of food produced, through operations in India and internationally, while not only preserving but enhancing the environment. Innovative Agro will be known as a leader in the agricultural industry and as a organization that has played a large role in revolutionizing the industry, by promoting and providing biological farming practices, developing new science and innovations.


Innovative Agro’s mission is to provide farmers with a comprehensive  service through detailed analysis of soil and crops, custom solutions and precision application  by embracing science, innovation and technology. Innovative Agro will assist them to improve the sustainability and profitability of their land while increasing the nutritional value of the food they are producing. We view ourselves as partners with our farmers,  our community and our environment.